Best Smartwatch Under 150

8 Best Smartwatch Under 150 In 2021

Ever thought of what do we seek in our lives? Well, let me tell you that “comfort” and “easily getting tasks completed” are on the top of the lists of human admiration these days. We live in a technological era and are surrounded by gadgets to make our life easier and smooth. What if you are in a situation where you are not able to talk on your mobile phone let’s say when you are driving, If you have a smartwatch on your wrist you no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket. So in this article, we will be discussing some of the most trending and best smartwatch under 150. A smartwatch is merely defined as a wearable smartphone on the wrist. The main purpose of the smartwatch is to run apps and display notifications. The features of smartwatches are discussed below:

  • Smartwatches display notifications of important works and events without missing them.
  • Beyond the notifications, a smartwatch can also run the apps.
  • You can listen to music and other media playback.
  • You can answer calls and you can send messages through voice messages.
  • A smartwatch can also track your fitness that includes heart rate, a pedometer, number of footsteps, and so on.
  • All the smartwatches include a GPS for tracking the user location.
  • It also includes a good battery with 18 hours of use.

The Most Important Considerations Before Buying The Best Smartwatch Under 150

1. Cost

2. Operating System and Device Compatibility

3. The user interface (Buttons vs. Touch)

4. Personalization and Design

5. Alerts and Notifications

Best Smartwatch Under 150

Here is the list of best smartwatches that are under $150:

1. Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch


  • Amazfit operating system
  • Bluetooth and wifi communications
  • Bluetooth and GPS connectivity
  • GPS + GLONASS enabled
  • Touchscreen
  • Dimensions with 7.9X12.1X18.1 inches
  • The Product weight 32 grams
  • The Product model number W1608US1N
  • Lithium metal battery
  • Available colors: Black, Carbon black, Cinnabar Red, Green, Kokoda Green, Lite Pink, Onyx Black, Pink, Warm pink, White cloud
  • The Price of the product is $121


  • 45 days battery life on 2.5 hours of charge
  • Light in weight with 32 grams
  • It is very thin with 11.5 mm of thickness
  • It includes GPS and other health tracks like heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep
  • It also includes multisport tracking like running, cycling, walking, and so on
  • Receive messages, calls, and App notifications


  • It has a TFT LCD as many of the users expect an AMOLED display at this cost
  • There is no always-on display option
  • Phone calls are not allowed either be made
  • No reply option while the notifications are floating from the apps like Whatsapp and SMS.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


  • Tizen 4.0 operating system
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS enabled
  • Touchscreen and buttons device interface primary
  • 360X360 scanner resolution
  • 25 grams weight
  • 1 CR123A battery
  • The Product dimensions: 1.56X1.56X0.41 inches
  • The Product model number: SM-R500NZKAXAR
  • The Product price is $90.95


  • The product is water-resistant so you can use it without hesitant
  • Low in cost
  • Light in weight
  • It can alert us when we have a low heart rate
  • Durable swim-ready design
  • Long-life battery and it lasts for days
  • It can also analyze the sleep patterns
  • Military-grade protection
  • Protective Gorilla glass coating


  • No performance gain
  • ECG detection not available at launch
  • App support lacking
  • Small screen

3. Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch


  • Amazfit OS  
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Bluetooth, CNSS, GPS connectivity
  • GPS + GLONASS enabled
  • Wireless and heavy-duty protection
  • The Product weight is 58 grams
  • The Product dimensions are 8.66X5.51X3.54 inches
  • The Product model number: W1919US5N
  • 1 Lithium polymer battery
  • AMOLED display
  • Available color: Rock Black, Gun gray, Khaki, Army Green, Gamo green
  • The Product price is $135


  • Tough appearance solid craftsmanship
  • 20-day traveled battery life
  • 1.3 inch AMOLED color screen display
  • High precision GPS double satellite positioning
  • 50-meter waterproofing and you can use while swimming
  • 14 exercise modes include running, walking, cycling, treadmill, mountain climbing, trail running, trekking, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, exercise, pool swimming, skiing, open water swimming, and triathlon
  • Certified as a military standard watch
  • Low in cost


  • Weight is more
  • Touchscreen does not work while wearing gloves or with wet hands
  • Outdated watch face options

4. Honor watch ES


  • 1.64 inches screen size
  • 18 millimeters of bandwidth
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Touch screen device interface primary
  • Supported applications are sleep monitor, heart rate
  • 12 animated workout courses
  • 95 workout modes
  • SpO2 and stress monitor
  • The Product dimensions are 11.6X1.8X8.5 cm
  • The Product weight is 34 grams
  • The Product model number is HES-B09
  • ASIN: B08 HKD L8K


  • Personalized watch face
  • Stylist light and airy on your wrist
  • Straps for every style
  • 12 animated workout courses and 44 standard body movement
  • Automatic workout recognition
  • Scientific TruSleep monitor
  • Fast charge
  • More useful smart features
  • Smart convenience and redefined


  • No LTE variant available
  • The loudspeaker is not available
  • There is no Bluetooth calling feature
  • Limited watch faces

5. Fossil Sport Smartwatch


  • Wireless communication standard with 802.11b, 802.11g
  • Bluetooth smart enabled connectivity
  • Android, IOS operating system
  • Touchscreen, Microphone human interface input
  • Band material type is silicone
  • Case material type is stainless steel
  • 20 millimeters bandwidth
  • The product weight is 39.6 grams
  • 1 CR123A battery required
  • The Product model number is FTW4019
  • AMOLED display
  • 5ATM water resistance


  • Untethered GPS
  • Automatic Heart rate tracking
  • Work. IT.Out option with the help of google fit application
  • Have a smarter health coaching
  • Gentle buzz when a notification arrives
  • Have customizable dials you can change according to your mood
  • Good battery life and 2 additional days on low-power mode
  • Interchangeable compatibility
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Complicated Battery Settings
  • Speaker Issues

6. Huami Amazfit Bip U


  • 1.43-inch large color touch screen
  • Corning Gorilla 3 Reinforced Glass
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • The product weight is 32 grams
  • SpO2 and TM systems
  • 60+ sports modes
  • 100+ downloadable watch faces from Zepp App
  • Supported applications include Alarm clock, weather forecast, music, and camera control
  • Smart notifications
  • Touch screen
  • Strap material is Silicone
  • Dial material is Polycarbonate
  • Lithium battery required


  • The Sports modes include outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, walking, yoga, cricket, baseball, swimming, and so on
  • Amazfit Bip U can monitor your heart rate throughout the day
  • It has a Biological optical sensor
  • It also monitors your sleep stages like deep sleep, light sleep, awake time, and so on
  • It also has a PAI health Assessment system
  • 50+ multiple watch faces that suit your taste and mood
  • Water-resistance so you can swim with the watch
  • It also includes a stress monitor so that it can analyze your stress levels
  • Long-lasting battery up to 9 days


  • No Music feature like play, pause, etc
  • Low-resolution display

7. Amazfit Bip S


  • IOS and Android operating system
  • The Product height is 11 millimeters
  • The Width of the product is 35 millimeters
  • 1.28 inches standing screen display size
  • The Product dimensions are 4.2X3.5X1.1 cm
  • The weight of the product is 31 grams
  • 1 lithium polymer battery is required
  • The Product model number is A1821


  • With a single charge, use for 15 days for typical usage scenario and 45 days of basic type scenario
  • Built-in editable fails
  • 40+ watch faces according to your taste and mood
  • Transflective color display
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Has a thin body
  • 10 sports modes that include running, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, elliptical trainer, and so on
  • Tracks your heart rate throughout the day
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • The human-PAI health Assessment system
  • High precision GPS
  • Multiple functions that meet your daily activity
  • Sleep monitor that monitors your sleep stages
  • Zepp app to connect to the mobile


  • Amazfit Bip S cannot record freestyle workouts. However, it might be great if the company fixes these problems with an update.
  • One major con of the smartwatch is that it does not support third-party apps. 
  • The display on the watch is slightly reflective.

8. Garmin Vivoactive 010-01769-01


  • The weight of the product is 39 grams
  • Product dimensions are 1.7X0.5X1.7 inches
  • The product model number is 010-01769-01
  • 1 lithium metal battery required
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Bluetooth and GPS connectivity
  • Device interface-primary is a touchscreen
  • Wireless communication standard is 802.11g/n
  • Water-resistant
  • 1.2 inches screen size
  • Supported applications are Email, GPS, heart rate monitor


  • GPS smartwatch with contactless payments
  • Can get notifications when your cab is arriving or switch off the lights
  • 15 preloaded sports apps
  • Daily fitness and stress tracking
  • Automatic uploads, sharing
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • It tracks your heart rate variability


  • Heart rate monitoring requires chest strap
  • Sleep tracking lacks detail
  • Really dull, low-res screen
  • Uninspiring design

Buyer’s Guide About The Best Smartwatch Under 150

All of the Smartwatches we try to recommend here are based on how you feel about the product and what kind of product you are looking for.

1. Budget: The most significant aspect that will actually determine whether or not you purchase a Smartwatch is your budget. Everyone has purchasing power, so you can set a budget before purchasing a Smartwatch.

2. OS and Software Compatibility: While most smartwatches are built to operate in tandem with your smartphone, device compatibility is critical. As you may be aware, the Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone; as a result, a few businesses may have their own operating system, which the watch may only support.

3. Interface (Buttons vs. Touch): Whether you choose a Touchscreen/Button based Smartwatch or both is entirely up to you. Wear OS now does a good job of displaying card-based reminders that you can dismiss with a tap, while Apple offers a touch panel on the right side as well as a digital and side press.

4. Design and Personalization: Always remember that comfort and the ease with which the watch can be fastened to your wrist come first. The best smartwatches come with a variety of straps and/or the option to swap them out for a third-party option. Most smartwatches today have just too many customization options before you buy one.

5. Notifications and Alerts: Most Smartwatches have features such as call, email, and text message alerts, which will help you decide if it’s worth responding right away. However, for updates from sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can search for social network integration.


Buyer-grade smartwatches have entered the wellbeing research space quickly since 2014. Smartwatch specialized capacity, adequacy, and viability in supporting wellbeing should be approved in the bigger field examines that select genuine members living with the conditions these gadgets target.

Will the smartwatch become the future ?

Bart discovers this inquiry intense. ‘Smartwatches convey a lot of possibilities, yet to consider the current gadgets the future…? We imagine that the inquiry isn’t in the event that it turns into the future, yet how large a job the smartwatch will play in our not-so-distant future.

There are a couple of key factors that will characterize the size of this job. One of these drivers is the development of the segments that are expected to improve the experience. In the event that these parts continue to improve quickly, this could genuinely affect the expected job of the watch.’

In our client input rundowns in this arrangement, there is some genuine part-related criticism. Generally revolved around the current battery life, watch size, and for a few, the screen quality. They are at the best seen as restricted and not ideal.

The consistency between the watch and the telephone is likewise not yet at its ideal state with Bluetooth chips and battery life as the blameworthy segments. This carries us to the subsequent variable.

Old-style watches are tremendously close to home. From design proclamation to family ancestry piece. As of now, smartwatches miss both lifetime potential (it will not keep going that long) and higher types of personalization in colors, styles, variants, producers, and so forth

Do we accept the smartwatch publicity?

Over the most recent couple of years, the watch consistently has had every one of the fixings turn into another publicity. The watch has a background marked by being a nerdy vision of how future innovation would resemble (think Star Trek).

In the mid-’90s, the watch has had a stage where this vision turned somewhat closer when the computerized (number cruncher) watches became publicity. In the current reality, you can discover an inheritance industry (primarily from Switzerland) that hasn’t genuinely advanced for quite a long time. Every one of these variables together is a formula for the interruption. The market has been prepared.

The view on this is that simultaneously, key potential segments like batteries, touchscreens, and programming have quickly developed towards a second where it could get achievable to utilize them in little gadgets like watches.

The main pioneer like Apple began to move in the field. Which set off any semblance of large players like Google and Samsung to move, yet additionally little, more dexterous players like Pebble.

Every one of the components for disturbance and subsequently the publicity was there. The market is still extremely young. Users start realizing the actual potential. There is enough criticism to create realism

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