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6 Best Headphones Under 300 In 2021

If you are searching for the best headphones under 300, hold on! This is the right place.

Headphones are small pairs of speakers worn over the head to reach both the ears of the user. They have been known for personalized audio experiences be it music, gaming, audiobooks, movies, or streaming. A headphone allows a single user to listen to any audio source privately.

You might also have come across a thought, how do headphones work? So here is the answer to this question: They use the basic principle of conversion of electrical energy to sound energy with the help of magnets vibrating the air. The same principle works for other sound devices as well such as speakers. 

Firstly introduced by French engineer Ernest Mercadier in 1891 to the latest noise cancellation and 3d sound headphones with both wired and wireless variants, headphones are one of those electronic devices which have seen a huge evolution for themselves.

Best Headphones Under 300

So in this article, we will be discussing the best headphones under 300. Hopefully, the article will help you find the best pair of headphones as per your needs. Let’s get started with the best headphones under 300.

1. Sony WH-1000XM4

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The Sony WH-1000 XM4 is one of the best headphones under this price range, the product comes with an advanced noise cancellation feature which gives you an exceptional sound quality experience.

With its advanced noise-canceling feature the WH-1000XM4 headphones inculcate two technologies: Personal Noise-Cancelling Optimiser designed for the normal environment, and Atmospheric-Pressure Optimising, designed specifically for air travel.

The product also comes with an awesome feature of “speak to chat”. Whenever you start speaking with your headphones on, the Speak-to-Chat feature automatically stops the music and lets in ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation smoothly.

With their unique voice pick-up technology, these headphones come with 5 inbuilt microphones for better recognition and reaction to your voice. So once you stop talking it automatically plays your music again.

One more awesome feature that makes this product worth money is its multipoint connection feature, which means you can pair the headphones with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

So whenever you receive a call on any of the two Bluetooth devices, the headphone will automatically switch to the right device.


  • Detailed sound experience
  •  App-based controls
  • Amazing sense of timing
  • Connects with two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Fantastic bass 
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight and ultra-soft ear cups


  • Not pocket friendly

2. Microsoft surface headphones 2

Microsoft Surface series headphone is one of its kind because usually, we do not see Microsoft manufacturing sound products.

The Microsoft surface headphones 2 come with touch, tap, and dial controls. Also, it has 13 levels of active noise cancellation which provides you the best sound experience. Talking about voice clarity the surface 2 headphones comes with dual mics for exceptional call clarity.

This product excels in comfort and control for which you can listen all day long with soft and comfortable ear cups. You can use touch, tap, or voice to skip tracks, answer and disconnect calls, and get hands-free assistance. 

Similar to Sony WH-1000 XM4, this headphone also has the feature where your music pauses when you take off Surface Headphones 2 and resumes when you put them back on.


  • Amazing multipoint connectivity
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Exceptional Call clarity


  • Average sound quality

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The Bose Quietcomfort 35 II comes with the built-in functions of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, So now you have instant access to millions of songs and your favorite playlists.

With your headphones on what happens when the surrounding distractions are minimal? You dive deeper into whatever you are listening to, hence boosting up your concentration.

Also, the noise cancellation feature comes along with two adjustable levels to better fit your environment. As the name QuietComfort suggests these headphones are really lightweight and comfortable which makes them usable for continuous all-day listening.

The headphones also feature app connectivity. With the Bose connect app you can easily access everything that the product offers.


  • Known for its comfort
  • 20 hours of battery backup
  • Strong connectivity


  • Average sound quality

4. V-MODA Crossfade 2

The Crossfade 2 comes with both wired and wireless connectivity. Known for its award-winning performance, V-Moda has been producing elite products one after the other.

Mostly popular for their wired headsets, V-Moda has now launched the Crossfade 2 Wireless as their newest pair of Bluetooth headphones. These headphones come with a metal frame that makes them both firm, and lightweight.

Also, they have V-MODA custom Cliq Fold hinges which add to their compactness. The headband is wrapped in soft padding as are the ear pads which helps noise cancellation up to a good extent.

Although the battery backup, when compared to other similar products, is 14 hours, which is comparatively less If you are in a hurry, you can fast charge the headphone for 30 minutes to get around 4 hours of battery life.

Even if the battery drains out, remember these headphones also feature wired connectivity. So you can switch from wireless connectivity to the wired one and continue listening to your stuff.

Overall, these headphones are a great choice in this price range but similar to other headphones, these also have some shortcomings which we will discuss further.


  • Firm built quality
  • Strong connectivity
  • Can be folded into a compact size


  • Heavy bass
  • Earcups not rotational

5. Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Not famous for their built quality but hold on, you cannot ignore the fact that the Skullcandy Crusher ANC produces a great sound along with some solid ear cup padding and faux leather on top of the headband which makes these earphones quite comfortable. Also, the product comes with foldable hinges hence making it compact.

The Skullcandy crusher ANC comes with wireless connectivity. These headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Providing a very high-quality Bluetooth sound and connectivity range.

The Skullcandy crusher ANC comes with adjustable bass functionality but the noise cancellation is not upto the mark, the product also offers app connectivity and has a battery backup of upto 24 hours (single charge). The Skull candy crusher is a great choice for bass lovers.


  • Adjustable bass
  • Decent battery
  • Foldable hinges


  • Price is a bit high as compared to the products with similar specifications.

6. Sony L600 Wireless

Best Headphones Under 300

Sony L600 Wireless comes with four sound modes for movies, games, dialogues, and songs, specifically designed for TV. The product has a long connectivity range which is up to 30 meters.

The product is also connectable to your TV using an HDMI cable. Not only this you can also control the headphone’s volume with the tv remote.

The L600 wireless has a feather-like lightweight which makes it really comfortable and for longer continuous use. Overall, these headphones are highly recommended for cinematic audio experience with the Dolby audio.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long connectivity range (30 meters)
  • Various sound modes


  • Shorter battery life when compared to other products of the same price range
  • App connectivity would have made this product really great.

Buying Guide About The Best Headphones under 300

  • Noise Cancelling

Noise-canceling is one of the most important features in a quality headphone. It will not only help you avoid distractions but also will let you go deep into the music. With the noise cancellation feature, you would be able to hear every note, word, and tune with absurd clarity.

Noise cancellation comes in two categories: Active and Noise Isolation. Active Noise Cancellation feature, with the help of a microphone, blocks the unnecessary sound.

With the Noise Isolation Cancellation feature, you would feel like you are out of the world as it blocks all the background noises. The choice is yours between the active noise isolation feature. 

  • Battery Life

A wireless headphone requires to be charged again and again. The minimum battery that you might get is 5 hours and the maximum one ranges from 30 to 40 hours.

The more the battery life, the more easy and great it will be for the user. If you are a person who likes to travel a lot and use headphones for longer hours without charging, you might go for bigger battery headphones. 

  • Waterproof

A headphone that is waterproof adds a point to the headphone as many of you might have a habit of wearing the headphones all the time which may also lead it to fall in the water.

So, in this case, you must go for a headphone that is waterproof. If it is a priority, surely you must take a headphone with this feature. Generally, every headphone does not have this feature, so now the choice is yours.

  • Controls

Controls mean that a headphone must come with 3-4 buttons that make it easy for the user to operate it. A wired headphone has control buttons on the wire and Wireless headphones have the button on the head of the headphone.

Some of the common buttons may include: power on/off button, a volume up/down button, and a button to change the music or end the call. 

  • Comfort

You have to make sure that you must buy those headphones that are comfortable to wear and also, the ear cushions have the passage for air.

Also, look for headphones that fit your head perfectly as uncomfortable headphones may not only lead to interruption in the listening of music or gameplay but also, it will provide discomfort to your head and ears.

You may choose headphone with minimal heating. A headphone with soft ear cups or cushions may ease your way.

  • Wired vs Wireless

There are many headphones that can be used with wires and wirelessly. It totally depends on your choice, both of them have their own merits and demerits.

A wired headphone may be more useful while you are traveling as it does not require to be charged, just plugin and you are all set.

But if you are looking for freedom, the wireless one must be your go-to and they are more convenient to move around. So, choose the best one according to your requirements.

  • Weight

Headphones should be light in weight as you carry them on your head and sometimes on your neck, therefore, a lightweight headphone would be a great choice. If you are buying a  headphone that is heavy in weight, the purpose of buying headphones might get wasted. 


Headphones are really very important to every person be it in gaming, djing or any other thing. So, the headphone that you would be buying should be the best.

We have done our best to mention the top headphones, and hope that you would now be able to select the best out of the 6 headphones mentioned above.

These are the best headphones under 300 present in the market. The above-mentioned the headphones are the best out of the various brands available in the market, but if you ask for the best out of all of them, I would say it would be Sony WH-1000 XM4.

While buying any product you must always keep in mind that the warranty and terms & conditions also matter. So, now the end choice is always on the customer whichever product they wish to purchase.

For any queries or doubts, read the buying guide twice and you will be sorted. Do keep in mind to choose the most comfortable and suitable headphones for yourself.

For any queries in regard to buying the Best headphones for you, you guys are always welcomed in the comment section.

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